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Invoice Management Software in Kenya


Automated Custom ESD

If your looking for a customed ESD invoicing software in Nairobi Kenya that gets to send bulk invoices to hundred and thousands of clients with attached KRA signature and with a click of a button, we have the solution for you. This is how it works, Invoices are produced in batch from the system the system gets to split the pdf batch Invoice file in to single file, apending your company logo onto the invoices as they don't have logo, communicating with KRA ESD device and generating signature, reading customer email address from text file/excel which will be assigned account number as primary key both in Invoice Pdf file and email addresses file, the Invoice will be sent to customer as attachment with the ESD signature. Information to be provided by the client.

Instant report of successfully delivered emails and bounced email can all be seen in the system, archive sends Invoices and a later resend capability for customers not received Invoices, all this will happen on the server, all these processes to happen with a click of a button from the software. Process your documents at speeds up to 30 pages per minute; with the ability to rename, file, index, compress, categorize, and pre-post a significant volume of invoices per day due to parallel batch processing.

The single pdf containing a series of invoices based on individual customers will be added through upload button or drag drop, then it will be split into individual invoices relating to a particular partner.Once the invoices have been split, a logo will be added to the individual invoices.

Invoice Automation

The system will be flexible enough to communicate with existing KRA ERD devices and generated required signatures. Since the customers may not exist they will be imported to the system and assigned a unique id that will be used to relate to the attached invoice. The invoices will be sent to customers with attached ESD signatures through a “send by email” button. All the activities happening in the background will be notifying the users on any failure or success. If failures occur the system will be able to resend invoices either manually or automatically through schedulers.

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