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Pay Per Click Marketing


Pay Per Click Marketing in Kenya

We are a premier pay per click service marketing company in Kenya, we have many years of experience in running PPC campaigns for large and small businesses in Kenya and abroad, if you have a well optimised website and doing all the correct things for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to move up the organic search rankings is a slow process that can take months. With a well optimised pay per click campaign you will experience an almost instant return on investment for your online marketing efforts. Pay-Per-Clickadvertising is a fast and effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Basically what we're doing with pay-per click search marketing is buying advertising from search engines like Google. Google and other search engines sell advertising a little differently than a traditional website. Instead of placing a banner or text ad on a specific Web page or collection of Web pages, you're able to buy advertising in response to specific things that people type into a search engine.

Pay Per Click Advertising (also known as Search Engine Marketing) is paid advertising that displays on Search Engine results pages. PPC advertising can be extremely targeted and the campaigns are designed to generate immediate relevant traffic to your Website or landing page. Campaigns can be geared for mobile users, specific geographic markets, and during designated times or days of the week.

Target Your Audience

We create relevant advertisements and bid on keywords on Pay-per-click platforms like Google AdWords. These advertisements then drive traffic to a selected and relevant landing page on your website, which has been optimised for conversion. This model gives us absolute control over how much you spend on each advertisement, to which landing pages the advertisements navigate to on your website as well as areas the ad should be displayed in.

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