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Pharmacy & Chemist ERP Software


Modern Pharmacy, Chemist & Pharmaceutical Company Management System

If your looking for a Chemist and Pharmacy management system in Kenya choose us. Our software is robust and scalable and supports both wholesale and retail stores. Flexible enough to work with any existing pharmacy and chemist and powerful enough to grow with your changing business needs. Keep up with the day-to-day tasks of owning your business with built-in business tools for everything, from point of sale to inventory, distributions and supplies to reconciling where everyone is having a headache to control, our software has a solution for you, real time product change from one location point, manage first in first out products from the inventory and many more. Do you own several retail chemist shops? Are you having a headache to manage them, what is in where and is it almost being depleted? talk to us today.

Retail distributors are essential links in the supply chain. When pharmaceutical manufacturers produce their products, they need distribution for their products. There are several situations where the manufacturer does the distribution to retailers. This is direct store delivery. Let our system work for you and manage everything for you at your comfort zone and with stress free.

In today's world of pharmacy and chemist, evrything is constantly changing. If your current pharmacy or chemist software isn't keeping up, it's holding you back. Let us help you stay ahead of the game with regular updates and new features that will blow your head off.

Upgrade Your Profitability & Growth with Our System

Why stick in the same same position or problems your facing today while you can advance your profitability and growth in your organisation? talk to us today. Face today’s challenges with retail business solutions from Absolute Corporate Solutions that will increase your revenue, enhance your cash flow and contain expenses. If your current software provider isn't providing you with the technology and innovative pharmacy and checmist solutions needed, then it might be right time for a change. Your business deserves more. Request for a demo and get to grow your business, TODAY.

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